Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why use Cloth Pads??

As most of you know, I sell cloth menstrual pads in my shop Moms Crafts 4 U. With this post, I want to inform the public about these pads, why to use them, how to use them, etc...

Materials Used: The Mama Pads that I make can consist of multiple fabrics, depending on the coverage required. These are all very soft and super comfortable, you will not mind wearing these! I use the flowing fabrics in my Mama Pads; 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton Flannel, ZORB (a super absorbent layer that holds 10x it's weight in less than half a second), PUL (an anti-leak fabric that does not allow liquid to go through) and Fleece (the fleece is not only used as an anti-leak layer, but it also helps them stay in place well, they don't slip around) On each winged pad you will find Poly Resin Snaps for their closure. These are applied with a professional snap press to ensure quality workmanship. These snaps are very durable, they are much better than metal snaps which will rust, chip and fade.

Types Of Pads:
Light Coverage , Medium Coverage, and Heavy Coverage. There are also variety packs in case you are not sure what coverage/type you need Light Coverage is panty liner thickness, you can use these as a back-up to a tampon, or for everyday leakage protection (incontinence pad). Medium Coverage is similar to the regular maxi that you would buy during your period (normal flow). Heavy Coverage is a postpartum style that would be used for heavy flow (super absorbent).

How to use/How they feel:
Simply wrap around your panties and snap underneath. The fleece (fuzzy) side goes next to your panties & the cotton or flannel side goes next to your skin. These are soft & much more breathable than disposables, no more sweaty feel or chafing!

Simple Laundering Instructions/
Sanitizing: You can soak your pads, but not necessary! Simply throw them in your laundry & wash on cold cycle (hot water will set in any stains, this is why I suggest cold). You can use your normal laundry soap brand, no special soap needed. Throw in the drier (heat can go up as high as 160 degrees before shrinkage will occur) and you are done. Simply launder and these will be sanitized & ready for wear :)

How long will they last:
These will last you many, many years, You can Reuse over & over. Average life of a cloth pad is 6-7 years.

How many should I have:
You will want 10-20 cloth pads to go completely disposable free (depending on your flow)

Saving Money:
You will have to spend a little up front, but the return is amazing!! You can always start out with a few cloth pads & build up your stash slowly a couple every month. On average a woman pays $10-15 every period...That is $120-$180/year!!

Do you know how many chemicals are in your store bought disposables?
Companies are NOT required to list the ingredients on the labels. Some toxic ingredients found in disposables include, aluminum, alcohol's, fragrance additives, and hydrocarbons. Worst of all, tampon bleaching processes leave behind dioxin. Dioxin is a toxic chemical (chlorine-compound) linked to cancer, immune system suppression, ulceration, pelvic inflammatory disease, reduced fertility, changes in hormone levels & even endometriosis. (Simple test: put a regular tampon in galss of water & come back in a few hours, you will find the water cloudy & filled with residue)

Environmental Impact:
Minimal Packaging, so it lowers fossil fuel cost for transportation of disposables. With an average of 20-25 pads per cycle, that means 8,000-10,000 pads in 33 yrs (avg woman's menstruation time) About 300 lbs worth in our landfills!! That will NEVER go away!!

Additional Facts:

  • Sewn with care and decorative top stitched for extra absorbency & leak protection.
  • Less bacterial & yeast infections, because cloth is more breathable than disposables.
  • In hospitals blood contaminated waste is handled as a bio-hazard (as it should be) due to the potential for transfer of blood borne illnesses. In our home and businesses these are not handled any differently than any other waste.
  • No more running out of pads are the worst possible time!
I am sure once you try them, you will never go back to those store-bought, disposable pads.

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  1. This is amazing, I came across your listing on Etsy by accident and had to go on and read your blog. I never even knew such things I feel I really should try them..I will go back to your etsy page and see whether you ship to the UK.

  2. Great info! I knew, but had no idea... ya' know?
    I love the ZORB layer and the PUL layer! You should mention that in your ETSY listing. Great Blog!

  3. These are great! I love them! I've saved so much money by switching that I don't think I'll ever go back to store brand. I love your shops and everything you make!

  4. Thank you ladies!! Yes, I ship worldwide :D

  5. I just want to say great post!! I have been using mama cloth for 6 months now and I will never go back to disposables.

  6. Awesome information! I am so looking forward to trying out my order! :)

    It took me a while to decide to make the switch but I've heard so many good things that I can see it's definitely worth it. :)

  7. I wanted to switch from disposables for both economic and environmental reasons. I recently made the switch with a starter pack and will be ordering more soon!

  8. Cloth pads last 6 to 7 years!!! Wow! I didnt realize that long!

  9. so informative! I'm so excited to get my stash! Sharing this with some friends who were asking how to care for them. Thanks!

  10. I was never bothered by disposables until I switched to cloth...after exclusively using cloth for about 8 months, I used disposables while on vacation. Yuck! Cloth is the best! :)

  11. This concept is absolutely great! I'm just curious as to what to do with them once they've been used and you're out and about away from home o.o

  12. You can use a zipper wet bag when you are out and about.. or even a plastic ziplock bag does in a pinch ;)